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Hmm- on the one hand, of course 1000 people being able to see again is fantastic- as my students point out, this seems to be an American thing based on an inadequate healthcare system- I didn't see any French or British people and although Mr Beast says they're from all over the world, they mostly seem to speak excellent English- but I can't agree with you about the educative side of people finding out about cataracts- the (obviously clickbait but how else do you get 123 million views?) title of the video is "1,000 people see for the first time"-I think it's clear that this is stretching the truth a bit too far, speading misinformation rather than education. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ2ifmkGGus

On Dr Hanscom, delighted to see you give him some publicity- he's recently done a podcast with another Mind body expert, Dr Howard Schubiner- https://backincontrol.com/media2/podcast/

I think the future of health care is definitely moving towards an understanding of the unconscious.

Here's a list of some of Dr Hanscom's successes - most are identified by their first name only- Debbie, Crystal, Ron, Anne, Carol, Ernesto, Terry, Rita, Donna, Anthony, Sarah, Melinda, Charley.


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