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Balance between support, challenge & trust

The power of radical transparency in the world of AI

Watch expenses like a hawk

Future growth

Celebrating good news

Asynchronous & transparent exec meeting

Decision making: high quality & high velocity

Good quotes from The Power Law by S. Mallaby

Creating a new category

Why we distribute directly

Why having a bias for building

How we want to build 0 to 1 products at Alan

Essay: AI is the future of health

LLMs, objectives and the future

Essay: Investors, Focus & horizons

The healthcare revolution

Great product organizations

AI news: where the innovation is going

Communication & leadership, tips from the best

Your summer strategy lessons

Book Summary: The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

Very different cultures

Product organization excellence

Healthcare & AI are moving fast

Great product & marketing

Strategy, execution & ambition

The Age of AI has begun

Metrics that matter for growth & profitability

Healthcare, AI & innovations

Product-Market Fit x Growth

How platforms are built

Building habits with integrity

Sales & marketing, at the time of AI

Book Summary: "Made in America" - Sam Walton about Walmart

Culture & Hiring

Product org to enable creation

Product & Growth: learnings from Duolingo & others!

Negotiation, mindset, connecting & learning from people

New products, competition & habits

Fight mediocrity in your organisation

Health will generate the biggest company in the world

Progress in AI

Bundling, integrations & subscriptions

Product-market fit & differentiation

How to achieve great things!

The Paypal Wars - Book Quotes

Business metrics that matter right now

A product organization that works

Scaling innovation, tips from Uber Eats, Shopify, Amazon…

Build by Tony Fadell: book notes