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Company governance and security

Operating well

Act and make better decisions

Super-apps, platforms & gamification

How the best companies are innovating at scale

Deep dive in healthcare business models

Hire like the best

Machine Learning & Product: how to innovate

Differentiate your company culture

Building a Community and an Ecosystem

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The power of vertical integration

Amazing tips to grow yourself

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Building a super-app for retention

Focus on the right things for yourself

Product learnings from Spotify

Strategy lessons from Microsoft

Branding to scale

Tips for remote teams

Timing is of the essence

Don’t outsource your competitive advantage

The art of bundling

Amp It Up by Frank Slootman: book notes

Frameworks to endure down markets

Asynchronous culture from WordPress

Salesforce's distribution model & tackling people challenges in companies

Amazon’s letter to shareholders: learnings around moving fast, product and business

Levels : learnings from a metabolic health startup and Meta's 'Zuck Bucks'

Microsoft Office: learnings from balancing enterprise and consumer needs

Basic-Fit: building a gym business and a lightweight job-to-be-done framework

Mastering community building and Google's expertise in deal making

Michelin: the legend of Michelin Guide and learnings from DoorDash

Whoop: crunching numbers as a niche wearable brand and the emergence of Notion's ambassador program

Starbucks: tokenised loyalty programs and business lessons from a restaurant tycoon

Book release: "De l’assurance maladie au partenaire bien-être", and building a scalable feedback culture

Disney: the business of acquisition and Beyond Meat's marketing playbook

Coupang: customer obsession detailed to the knock and Slack's journey of building a new category

Peloton: learnings from connecting the world through a connected bike, and the Feynman learning technique

Virgin: big and bold brand bets, and the culture at tech giants enabling innovation

How to leverage communities to build companies

Effective decision-making, disrupting experiences and the challenges of building a brand: lessons from Carvana's CEO

The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger: book notes

Axie Infinity: NFT, blockchain, and the play-to-earn economic model

Product Hunt: how to uncover revolutionary startups, and what gaming can teach you about the future of business

The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen: book notes

Segment's CEO Sales philosophy: value vs. cost and the importance of asking why